Periodic Table Coasters



A set of four colourful coasters to match the Orchestra table mats and mugs.

Crafted to perfection, measuring 90 x 90mm with sleek 9mm rounded corners, a resilient 3mm MDF base with an additional cork layer for added protection.

Featuring a durable and high-gloss finish, and designed to withstand daily use with ease. With a heat-resistant coating, you can enjoy your hot beverages without worrying about damage to the coaster.

Can be partnered with the Orchestra of Square Chapel Periodic Table mug and the Orchestra of Square Chapel Periodic Table place mat.

Seventy-two instruments, arranged into families in the same way as the elements of the Periodic Table:

  • The String family: Violin, Rebec, Viola, Viol, Cello, Double bass
  • The Woodwind family: Piccolo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Contrabassoon
  • The Brass family: Trumpet, Cornet, Flugel horn, Trombone, Tuba
  • The Free Reed family: Harmonica, Melodica, Concertina, Bandoneon, Melodeon, Accordion
  • The Keyboard family: Harpsichord, Piano, Celeste, Virginals, Harmonium, Organ
  • The Plucked Strings family: Ukelele, Mandolin, Banjo, Sitar, Guitar, Harp
  • The Other Wind family: Tin whistle, Recorder, Ocarina, Saxophone, Serpent, Ophecleide
  • The Percussion family: Triangle, Side drum, Glockenspiel, Tamtam, Timpani, Bass drum
  • The Extra Strings family: Lute, Zither, Nickelharpa, Hurdy gurdy
  • The Extra Woodwind family: Cor Anglais, Basset horn, Oboe d’Amore, Bass clarinet
  • The Extra Brass family: Baritone, Alpenhorn, Euphonium, Cimbasso
  • The Extra Keyboard family: Clavichord, Spinet, Regal, Synthesizer
  • The Extra Strings family: Balalaika, Bouzouki, Cittern, Dulcimer
  • The Extra Percussion family: Wood blocks, Tambourine, Marimba, Vibraphone
  • Conductor and Leader