Barber Band

About the Barber Band

The Barber Band play traditional English music for dancing in their own unique style. We combine the traditional fiddle and melodeon duet with oboe and bass saxophone to provide a lively, foot-tapping and energetic sound.

The lineup is:

Mary Barber: Fiddle

Nick Barber: Melodeon, french horn

Susan Edwards: Oboe

John Barber: Bass saxophone

The band works with a range of expert callers who can lead you through the dances and ensure that you have a memorable occasion.

The Barber Band performed at Upton Festival 3rd-6th May 2024 and on August 3rd-10th will be at Sidmouth Folk Festival 2024.

About the band members:
  • Mary Barber is a very experienced fiddle player. She leads Orchestra of Square Chapel and Valley Sinfonia, and plays fiddle in The Barber Band and The Stean Cottage Band. Together with husband Nick, she runs the Sidmouth Big Band – a large celiidh band (with up to 70 players).
  • Nick Barber plays melodeon. He has published two books of English session tunes, and along the way helped to breathe new life into a large number of little-known 17th and 18th century dance tunes. His other instruments are horn, recorder and bass clarinet.
  • Susan Edwards is a professional oboe player and woodwind teacher based in Thorpe, Derbyshire.
  • John Barber plays bass saxophone, flute and melodeon.  

The Barber Band are based in West Yorkshire and Derbyshire, but have been known to travel far and wide depending on the event!