A Musical Diary


Eighty-four tunes composed by Nick Barber.


Eighty-four tunes written by Nick Barber over a 40 year period. There are all sorts of tunes here – all types of dance tunes, happy tunes, sad tunes and songs (without words).

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Included are:

Adrian’s Tune
Angela Mary Lee
Another Trip to Knaresborough
Art’s Tune
Beach Wedding
Because Her Eyes Won’t Close
Bee to the Honeypot
Bethany’s Waltz
Brown Boots
Button Up My Big Mouth
Carol’s Waltz
Carrot Cake
Crinkley Head
Curry House
Doing the Ironing
Dredging Up the Old Stuff
Early Warning
Easter Sunday
Father Willis
Furry Collar
Haigh Lane
Harry Enfield’s Waltz
Holmfirth Jig
How Many Words?
I Wish
I’m Crying
Jelly Beans
Lantic Bay
Lazy Jig
Leaving Sidmouth
Light the Fire, Ron
Lisa’s Jig
Little Bit Cool, A
Lizard Baby
Lizard Baby No. 2
Lynne’s Song
Mac’s March
Mary’s Polka No. 1
Mary’s Polka No. 2
Mrs Rabbit
Murphy the Rather Elderly Cat
Never Again
New Playford
New Straw Bear
Nick’s Maggot
No Prospects
Not the Sloe
Oh Jo
One for Andrew
Ossett Beercart
Riverhead Ned
Rock, The
Said Too Much Already
Shall I Shan’t I?
Shepley Festival, The
Square Brackets
St George’s Fields
St Vicente
Standing Alone
Steady As She Goes
Stream at the Bottom of the Garden
String Quartet
Surprise Scent
Tap Tap Tap
Tap Tap Tap (Fartown)
Thank You for My Birthday
Trip to Ferrensby, A
Trip to Grewelthorpe, A
Tissington Trail
Tom’s Farewell to the Radway
Trollers Gill
Varsovianna Flavour
Welcome to the World
Where’s Stanley
Whichever Way I Turn
Windy Corner
Xantho-terpsichorean Episode